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Top 5 Motivators for Study (E-book)


In my 20 years of motivating young people, I have found 5 motivators that work more than others. In this e-book, I discuss what doesn't work and then the top 5 motivators for study. Also as a bonus, a 2-minute method to take motivation to another level.


The 5 Keys to Inner Peace Book


Learn the simple yet powerful habits to transform your mind which will lead to clarity when it comes to purpose and give you a sense of peace. It will also strengthen your confidence and relationships with others.


Teenage Zen Book


In this book, I outline my holistic system that will leave any young person with no more excuses as to why they can't do well at school and end up doing a job they can love. Learn the simple habits to strengthen your mindset, become self-motivated and apply study skills that will help you succeed in school and in your future career.

Mindset, motivation and study skills Courses


Free Chat with John


Free 15-20 minutes chat with me, John George, or take a 2-minute self-scoring survey to see where you're at in our 3 Pillars to Flow 


What is Inner Peace?


The first module of the 3 Pillars to Flow online course for you to learn about inner peace and an overview of the full course. It's free!


Online Course - Responsibility and Commitment to Action


Learn how to take full control of your life by taking 100% responsibility and learning about the biology of action so you commit to study even when you don't feel you have much energy or time.


Online Course - Organisation and Time Management

$47.00 (14-day love it or ask for a refund)

Learn to balance your life by organising your school work and study as well as making time for the people and activities which bring you the most joy and energy. Bonus, learn how to get your assignments done without the stress!


Online Course - Exam Game Plan

$47.00 (14-day love it or ask for a refund)

Learn a 3-step exam game plan as well as other tips to have you performing at your best when it counts the most. Learn how to be in the zone and take performances in academics, sport, performing arts and gaming to another level.


Online Course - Resilience

$47.00 (14-day love it or ask for a refund)

Learn about human behaviour and develop habits for increased resilience so you stay on your path to loving who you are and doing a job you can love.


Online Course - Practising Presence

$47.00 (14-day love it or ask for a refund)

Learn powerful habits for practising presence that will have you experiencing life more fully and performing at consistently high levels.


Online Course - There is No Good or Bad

$47.00 (14-day love it or ask for a refund)

Learn to see the balance in life whether they are events or human traits you currently see only as negative. You will stop the rollercoaster ride of emotions and no longer label them as either good or bad.


Online Course - Self-Love, Self-Confidence and Social Skills

$97.00 (14-day love it or ask for a refund)

Learn the habits to increase your self-worth and self-confidence, as well as develop social skills to connect better with others.


Online Course - Mindfulness and Controlling EGO

$77.00 (14-day love it or ask for a refund)

Understand the various parts of your brain, develop habits to be mindful of your thoughts and control your EGO so it serves you and not the other way around.


Online Course - Study Smarter Not Harder

$147.00 (14-day love it or ask for a refund)

Learn how to study effectively and efficiently including a technique I use to learn a class of 30 students' names in 6 minutes! It's easier to commit to regular study when you know how to learn smarter, not harder.


Online Course - Motivation and Purpose

$147.00 (14-day love it or ask for a refund)

Learn simple and powerful habits to become self-motivated and inspired to take action by identifying what truly drives you externally and internally. Also, get clearer about your future career or how to best decide between a few choices.


Purpose and Performance Online Course

$397.00 (14-day love it or ask for a refund)

Learn the habits and action steps for increasing self-motivation for study, getting clear about a future career, getting organised, taking full responsibility for your life, committing to studying, studying smarter not harder, exam techniques and much more.


5 Keys to Peace Online Course

$397.00 (30-day love it or ask for a refund)

Learn simple habits that will transform your inner and outer world. Learn to be more confident, have better social skills and be more resilient. Learn how to be in control of your mind and live life to the fullest.


Full Online Course - 3 Pillars to Flow (all above modules included)

$597.00 (30-day love it or ask for a refund)

This covers everything I teach: Peace, Purpose and Performance - Learn habits for improving mindset, motivation, getting clear about a future career, being more organised and responsible, how to study smarter, having an exam plan for optimal performance and much more. No more excuses for not being able to do well at school and end up doing a job you love!

** Includes live weekly Q&A Zoom sessions with me for ongoing support.

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