InFlow Education provides Mathematics and English small group and 1-1 tuition for students from Kindergarten through to Year 12. We have a holistic approach to learning which involves motivating, organising and fostering independent learning to allow for success in school and beyond.

We provide trained tutors for the following areas:

NSW Tutoring
Tutoring North Shore
Tutoring Chatswood
Epping Tutoring
Hornsby Tutoring
Dee Why Tutoring
Tutoring Kirribilli
Mosman Tutoring
Sydney HSC Tutor
Tutoring in Bondi Junction
Bella Vista Tutoring
Hills District Tutoring
Rouse Hill Tutoring
Castle Hill Tutoring
Western Sydney Tutoring
Penrith Tutoring
Blacktown Tutoring
Parramatta Tutoring
Strathfield Tutoring
Burwood Tutoring
Hurstville Tutoring
Fairfield Tutoring
Campbelltown Tutoring
Liverpool Tutoring
Bankstown Tutoring
Tutoring in Hoxton Park

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Our Maths & English tutoring in Sydney are provided by quality teachers and tutors who know the syllabus and more importantly relate well to students and can effectively engage them.

Moreover, they are trained in John’s 4-step system to academic success, which is the system that makes InFlow Education so unique.


We differentiate ourselves from other tutoring organisations through our holistic approach to education.

We teach our students that the key to performing better is through studying smarter not necessarily harder.

By utilising an effective study method, which doesn’t require many hours each week, students become motivated knowing improvement is realistic and very achievable.

Fun is also encouraged. Studying doesn’t have to be boring. We introduce students to fun and free websites which assist with the study. We provide a supportive and challenging environment for students to thrive.

With clear goals that excite them, students accept study doesn’t have to be enjoyable if the goal is exciting. With a balance between work and play, students are able to live with greater purpose and energy and be In Flow.


We Encourage Student Values.

  • I am not afraid to ask questions
  • I respect others’ right to learn
  • I commit to a weekly study schedule
  • I take full responsibility for my actions
  • I study smarter, not harder
  • I apply an exam game plan so I perform my best
  • I get involved in discussions because my opinion is important
  • I have fun learning and enjoy a balance of work and play
  • I commit to doing a job I love

We Stand By Our Values.

  • Focus on the student and all else will follow
  • We are family
  • We practise open and honest communication
  • We believe in people and their dreams
  • We innovate and constantly improve
  • We build and grow strong tribes of students
  • We ask for help wherever needed
  • We have fun and find the love in what we do

In their own words.

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