InFlow Education home and online tutors are trained in our unique holistic system to deliver first-class tutoring. We are able to assist students all over Australia with our home and online tutoring services for all year levels up to HSC and for most subjects.

We know it's important your child feels it's a good fit with their tutor, so organise a free chat with John, to see if our philosophy is suited to your needs. We will also take the time to find out how your child is going in relation to our 3 Pillars to Flow, which cover mindset, motivation and study skills.

Prior to a trial lesson, John will take the time to learn more about your child's personality, to match a suitable home or online tutor. 

9 out of 10 students willingly choose to continue after a trial lesson with us because it is relevant education where the student has a say in WHAT they are taught, HOW they are taught and most importantly, WHO teaches them.

Whether your child is in primary school and needs assistance with reading comprehension, spelling and grammar, writing or numeracy, we have home and online tutors who can engage your children and most importantly will hold them accountable to weekly study, which is how the greatest improvements occur.

For high school students, including HSC students, we have home and online tutors in Sydney who teach Maths, English, Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Economics, Legal Studies, Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Business Studies, Studies of Religion, PDHPE and languages including Chinese, Japanese and Italian.

Prices are from $44 per hour for 3+ hours per week. $55 per hour for 1-2 hours a week.

When you join the InFlow Education community you get all this included:

A copy of John’s book Teenage Zen

Our system to success poster that summarises our holistic system

  • End of term student progress from the tutor
  •  Free self-confidence and social skills online sessions – great opportunity to make new friends and build confidence
  • Weekly Live Q&A for parents with John George. Get ongoing support along the way
  • Access to a recorded online motivation and study skills seminar for parents and students

To book a free chat with John and learn more about our holistic system to see if it's a good fit for your child, visit www.infloweducation.com.au/speak-with-john or SMS 0431 971 379 to arrange a time to speak.

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