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Welcome to InFlow Education Sydney Tutors

InFlow Education home, library, and online tutors are trained in our unique holistic system. We have face-to-face and online tutoring services for all year levels up to HSC and for most subjects, for most areas of Sydney.

We know it's important your child feels it's a good fit with their tutor, Sydney tutor services, come with a free chat with John, to see if our philosophy is suited. We will also take the time to find out how your child is going in relation to our 3 Pillars to Flow, which covers mindset, motivation, and study skills.

John will take the time to get to know your child's personality to match a suitable face-to-face or online tutor to do a lesson and then we will get feedback from you, your child, and the tutor.

To know more, watch our 26-Minute Webinar  and read more info about Our Services

9 out of 10 students willingly choose to continue after a trial lesson with us because it is relevant education where the student has a say in what they are taught, how they are taught and most importantly, who teaches them.

So, if your child is in primary school and needs assistance with reading comprehension, spelling and grammar, writing or numeracy, we have suitable Sydney tutors, both home and online, who can engage your children and most importantly will hold them accountable to weekly study, which is how the greatest improvements occur.

For high school students, including HSC students, we have home tutors and online tutors in Sydney who teach Maths, English, Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Economics, Legal Studies, Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Business Studies, Studies of Religion, PDHPE and languages including Chinese, Japanese, and Italian.

To book a free chat with John and learn more about our holistic system visit or Call or SMS 0431 971 379.

Our Classes

We offer a multitude of fun and motivating lessons at your home, libraries or online, that allow you to be tutored one-on-one or in a small group (max 4). Our tutors are trained and challenge and support you on your journey to choosing a career you will love.

Why choose InFlow Education for your child’s tutoring

What distinguishes us from other Sydney and online tutors is the focus we have on our student's wellbeing. We create a unique environment and experience where students feel comfortable, relaxed and confident to learn. Skills that are taught at InFlow Education, are skills that go beyond schooling life. Our purpose is to help as many young people on their journey towards doing a job they can love.


Expert Tutors

Quality teachers and tutors who know the syllabus and our 4-step M.O.R.E system, and relate well with students. Students have a say in who tutors them.


Proven System

Our 3 Pillars to Flow system has been consistently assisting our students achieve better results and get clear about their future career .


Small Classes

Our small groups at our Inner West tutoring centre and for online tutoring are capped at 4 students, meaning personalised tutoring, tailored to the student’s needs.


Smarter Study

Home, library and online tutors in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and regional NSW are trained to help their students study smarter not harder. Learn more in less time and make it stick for longer.


Life Skills

Our Life Coaching for Teenagers covers our 3 Pillars to Flow system teaching life habits for Peace, Purpose and Performance.


Holistic Approach

Our purpose is to help as many young people love who they are and do a job they love. The wellbeing of a student comes first, getting better results without hurting yourself to get them. Study smarter not harder.

Take the First Steps

InFlow Education believes you should be able to “try before you buy” so we provide a free chat, free trial lessons in small groups and paid trial lessons for 1-1 lessons at your home, library or online tutoring.

Happy children and happy parents

My son was accepted into all his university preferences and is currently deciding between UTS/NSW and Macquarie. Many thanks to you and the team for your support.

Michael T - Happy Parent

Thanks so much for the great tuition and support you and your teachers provided. 
Toby formed a real bond and support network with his tutorial group which was lovely to see. 

Hannah - Happy Parent

My daughter exceeded her expectations in her ATAR results and now has too many choices! Thank you for your services. I recommend InFlow to anyone seeking tutoring, we tried many before, but your model seemed to really work for Carly's needs.

May - Happy Parent

Thank you very much for your help and mentoring, it was extremely helpful for her, especially during the senior school years in her life.

Corrine - Happy Parent

My son's term 1 Math test results were 7%, after tutoring with InFlow Education, Term 2 Math results are 56%. We are seeing a considerable improvement in his confidence and school results. InFlow has been a very positive experience for us. 

Leah D - Happy Parent

Thank you to you and your staff for your wonderful support with Declan, he really enjoyed and benefited from your program. He has been accepted into his preference courses

Lisa - Happy Parent

Thank you for the past 4 years guiding our daughter through to the HSC. We all as a family will miss your enthusiasm in teaching. All the very best for the future to you and your family.

Mahrukh- Happy Parent

John has been an important and amazing person during some of my son's life challenges and I feel you will always have a special place in his heart. Thank you

Helen M - Happy Parent

My son who has just completed his HSC attended InFlow for 18 months. He gained so much confidence from his 1-1 Life Coaching sessions with John as well as the English and Maths lessons he took. His HSC result was better than expected. I highly recommend InFlow Education to anyone

Mariem T - Happy Parent

Hi John, I thought I would let you know I got 85 for Maths 89 for English and an ATAR of 92.65 I am so pleased! I just wanted to thank you for all your help and encouragement I appreciate it!

India - Happy Student

Hi John, my daughter just got results from her latest Maths test. An overwhelming 88%! She is bursting with happiness. Thanks so much for the help this term. It has made a such big difference!


Karen J- Happy Parent

Just reading your book Teenage Zen during this lockdown was an eye opener for me and it helped me improve my mental health. Your book should be the training book for teachers all over the world. 


Naheen H- Happy Student

Emily did very well in her year 12 exams and is looking forward to this next chapter.
InFlow was a fantastic support and help with her studies.

Jane M- Parent

Since Colm started at InFlow his confidence in his ability to understand mathematics has improved greatly resulting in better marks, more confidence in his abilities and reducing the feeling of being completely overwhelmed.  I also like the fact you are constantly reaching out looking for feedback and suggestion on ways to improve students and parents experiences. Thanks to John and his team.

Jane - Parent


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