When Purpose Finds You

When I started my high school teaching career, I certainly didn’t see what was coming. I didn’t plan on owning a tutoring business in the inner west, become a speaker in schools, author and be a life coach. In fact, all I wanted when I started was to make a difference to a few students lives in …

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What is Life Coaching?

  When I started my high school teaching career 16 years ago, I didn’t know what life coaching was, nor did I dream of heading in that direction. As I mentioned in a previous article, purpose found me and I have been blessed to coach many teenagers and adults over the past 7 years. Watching …

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My Greatest Teacher

  I have had the fortune of having some wonderful teachers, not just during my school days but also my mentors since. Without a doubt, what they all had in common was the ability to support me but at the same time, challenge me to grow, not just academically but as a person as well. …

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