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    Terms and Conditions

    1. Enrolment is a one-term (9-week) commitment and/or the remainder of the term and includes email support. Additional review of work, particularly essays and assignments, outside of tutoring sessions will incur extra costs.

    2. Enrolment will automatically rollover to the following term unless advised otherwise.

    3. Two weeks' notice applies for any cancellation once the school term has commenced.

    4. InFlow Education reserves the right to cancel any enrolment at any time.

    5. Minimum of 2 hours (120 minutes) notice must be
      given prior to the scheduled lesson for a missed lesson to qualify for a makeup otherwise the lesson is forfeited. Discretion will be exercised for emergencies, medical or otherwise.

    6. Makeup lessons are capped at 2 per term per subject and are subject to availability. They must be made up during the current term and only offered when fees are up to date.

    7. You give permission to be subscribed to our email list for updates and regular communication.

    8. Terms and Conditions only apply to confirmed enrolments, NOT for any free or paid trial lessons.

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