Sporting Flow Progress


    Score yourself from 0-10 for each area. 0 strongly disagree up to 10 for strongly agree.

    I love and accept myself unconditionally and I don’t want to trade places with anyone.

    Read the subtitles (Resilience)
    What others say to me, say about me or think about me, has absolutely no effect on me.

    Observe your thoughts (Mindfulness)
    I don’t have many negative thoughts and even when I do, they pass very quickly.

    Be Present
    I spend the majority of my day focused on the present. I don’t wait for the future to be happy and I’m not thinking too much about the past.

    No good or bad (balance)
    I see there is good and bad to every moment and that everything happens for a reason and every trait has both positives and negatives to it.

    Purpose and Performance

    Score yourself from 0-10 for each area. 0 strongly disagree up to 10 for strongly agree.

    When it comes to playing my chosen sport, I am extremely motivated and self-motivated.

    I know exactly what my inner and outer drives are and I link future action to them.

    I am very clear about what I want to do for a future career.

    I am very organised, knowing exactly when I am doing extra training and watching training videos.

    I never blame anyone for my results and outcomes in my life. I take 100% responsibility for my life and results.

    I commit to weekly extra practice even when I don’t feel like doing it. I at least do maintenance training each week.

    Knowing How to Train Smarter not harder
    I know how to train effectively and efficiently, including understanding the 10 steps to mastering a skill in less time.

    Getting in the Zone
    I know how to get in the zone every time I train or play so that I perform at a consistently high level.

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