Meet John George

After achieving a less-than-desirable result in his higher school certificate (HSC), John George felt disappointed, lost, and confused.

It wasn’t until he found a motivation to study that he decided to return to school and re-sit his exams to get into a Sports Management course at university.

Towards the end of his degree, through some chance events and meetings with certain people, especially a high-profile sports manager, he realised that instead of wanting to become a sports manager, he was passionate about becoming a teacher more than anything else.

After a series of twists and turns in his life, including suffering from severe depression for several years, he experienced a spiritual awakening, which led him to open his tutoring business, devise his 4-step system, become a motivational speaker, and write his book Teenage Zen.

He began using this system to help students to find a simpler path to academic success and do what they love.

Since then, he has taught teenagers the 4-step system for a simpler path to academic success and coached adults on the 5 Keys to Inner Peace to help them find more balance between work and play, which leaves them with no more excuses as to why they can’t pursue their dreams.

In putting this 4-step formula to the test, students were getting amazing results at school and in other areas of their life in as little as 2 months! John’s proven and simple, step-by-step system to academic success and inner peace can help your teenage children, too!

John is a father of five, the founder of InFlow Education tutoring, and has been Life Coaching teens for more than 12 years.

His primary passions are life coaching and education. He combines his two passions to provide a unique approach to tutoring at InFlow Education and the results speak for themselves.

Happy and well-balanced children achieve better results, this is something that John understands and is applied at InFlow Education