School Overcrowding & How tutoring can help

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If you have been following the news in regards to the NSW Education system you would not be surprised to have read a recent article relating to school overcrowding in NSW schools.


The article states that 180 schools in New South Wales (many in the inner west) are suffering from severe overcrowding. Demount-able classrooms and “outdoor” lessons are becoming the norm. This is why tutoring, now more than ever is important to ensure your child gets the most out of their education.

As this is a terrifying prospect for any parent, we chose to pen our thoughts on the matter, tutoring many students from many of these schools we feel it our obligation to tell parents that although the overcrowding is bad, it should in no way limit your child’s ability to succeed. It simply means that your child will have to find some form of self motivation. We believe we can provide that.

Having been a casual high school teacher for the past 9 years, in a variety of public high schools as well as Catholic and independent schools, the recent article about schools being overcrowded comes as no surprise to me.

It has been particularly evident in public high schools when apart from having 30 (and sometimes 32) in a classroom, there have been times where I have been asked to teach a class outside at seats, where students usually eat their lunch, due to a lack of classroom space. This particular school I was told by teachers, was over their official capacity by more than 600 students!

With Sydney’s population expected to grow, particularly for school-aged children, the problem is only going to get worse unless we have a large number of new schools built, which is unlikely in the foreseeable future. The over-crowding in public school will also likely lead to many more Catholic and Independent schools becoming full due to the flow on effect.

It is a concern for many parents I have spoken with who explain how their children feel they are getting lost in classrooms where there are too many students for their teacher to adequately monitor each child’s progress on a weekly let alone daily basis.

It is one of the main reasons I created my free Motivation and Study Skills seminar, teaching parents and students a simple path to guaranteed academic improvement.

I created this simple tick-the-box system to performing well so that it is not reliant on the teacher the student has at school or the size of the class they are in at school. Put simply it allows your child to do well regardless of what is happening around them.

At InFlow Education, our small groups with a maximum of 4 students, has alleviated this problem for our families in Sydney.

The students enjoy the fact that they get all the help they require in a supportive space from a tutor who really wants to be there and help them grow academically and with personal confidence.

The fact they are only surrounded by students who want to be there is a big difference from their school classroom, where a lot of the time and energy of their teacher is taken up by students who don’t want to be there.

With our schools continuing to be over-stretched, you can safeguard your child for free at one of our Motivation and Study skills seminars. I also give families a free copy of my book Teenage Zen – a simple path to academic success and inner peace, so that you have a resource beyond the talk.

If your child is feeling invisible in the classroom or not getting the assistance they would like, know they are not alone. The great news is there is a solution and it’s free for parents and students.

Let’s make the best of what is a challenging situation for many students at too many of our schools.

John George

Founder InFlow Education

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The article linked above made it quite difficult to navigate the school list, so we have retrieved the list and displayed it below.

Simply open the tab below for the full list, the percentage (%) listed is the capacity the school is running at.

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