Overcoming HSC Stress

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Most HSC students get a bit of a shock after doing their HSC trial exams as they are traditionally much harder exams than the actual HSC. This moment between trials and HSC exams is a perfect time to invest in HSC Tutoring.

Whilst many students will respond to the ‘wake up’ call, unfortunately too many students give up, thinking it is too late to turn things around.

After coaching many students over the past 8 years who have transformed trial results of 40% to 80%+ in just two months, I know that it is never too late with a balance of HSC tutoring and a lessons on managing stress and anxiety, we can improve a child’s results.

Before I give an overview of the simple science to getting the most out of HSC exams, let me firstly state that there really is no need to see the HSC as something so stressful. Truth is, the HSC is just a game. The rules are, whichever students do consistently well over 10 units of subjects will get more choices for university when they leave school.

Many of these courses people can enrol as a mature age student from the age of 21. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t get in straight from school. In fact it can be a blessing in disguise, giving you time to work, travel and really figure what you want to do for career, rather than going to university purely for the sake of it.

In saying that, here is an overview of my simple science to stress free HSC exams where you perform at your best:

  • My 4 pillars to academic success – Motivation, Organisation, Responsibility and Exercise (committment to action)
  • Study smarter – Learn more in less time and make it stick for longer which keeps students coming back for weekly study as they know it gives them a result for their time
  • Exam game plan – 3 step technique to remove all anxiety where you can trust the process
  • Inner peace – 5 keys to inner peace which allows for clearer purpose, greater self-confidence and resilience

I teach this simple system to overcoming HSC stress in my free motivation, study skills and inner peace seminar for parents and students.

When you have a process you can trust, you can trust the result which leaves no room for anxiety and stress.

John George

InFlow Education Founder

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